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Hi I'm Gila (pronounced with a 'hard G' as in guitar), I teach flute and piano in and around the Easingwold area and also Harrogate and Knaresborough.  I also teach at Cundall Manor School.

My approach to teaching is that I aim to make lessons as enjoyable as possible.   I use games and fun activities to help students' understanding of all the different aspects of music.  I also incorporate many different approaches to keep things fresh, for me as well as the student!  I feel that developing musicianship, as well as learning the instrument is essential so we play rhythm games, body percussion and we sing too.  Particularly after the last couple of years it is essential that we feel connected with each other and that our learning experience is enjoyable and relaxed.  

"My daughter has had flute lessons with Gila ever since she started at secondary school.   Gila is a very talented musician and her passion for music is clear to see.   She introduced Sophie to different musical styles and genres and Sophie definitely developed a love for jazz music through Gila.   Gila manages to achieve an excellent balance in her lessons.   She focuses on many different areas - good technique, playing together, introducing theory, working towards exams, learning to sight read, learning to interpret the music, learning to play by ear and of course,  having fun!!!   She gets to know your child and develops a good relationship with them over time.  The Christmas Concert and Safe Circle performances are both a great way for the children to develop confidence in performing and it gives them something to work towards."                                                                                

Clare Gentle (Staveley)


01347 868216/07436 012028

Student concerts

I regularly hold concerts for my younger students so that they can become comfortable with performing.  The concerts are very friendly and informal and just for friends and family.  I also hold ‘Safe Circle Performing’ days where my students perform for each other in smaller groups.  Here they can try out their pieces safely and receive positive feedback from all the participants.  


Developing and maintaining a good relationship with students and parents is very important to me.  I really value the insights of parents and having this good flow of communication is vital to the progress of students.  I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities.

A parent's view

"Gila has taught all three of my girls to play the piano and they love her!  She is an absolutely wonderful teacher - intuitive, great fun and, above all, her enthusiasm and passion for music are totally infectious.  She even encouraged me to start learning piano - in my mid forties - and it’s been the most brilliant, life-affirming adventure."

Sally Gordon-Finlayson

Contact me:

If you live in the Easingwold area or Knaresborough/Harrogate and surrounds and are looking for piano or flute tuition please contact me for further details and for a free taster session.


01347 868216 or 07436 012028

Painting and other passions

One of the benefits of 'Lockdown" was being able to spend more time in nature and exploring my local area during the glorious Springtime.  I also spent much more time painting than I have done in recent years and I have devoted a page on my website for my art.  

Porch Painting to remember the glorious summer of 2020

This painting is acrylic on canvas and is about 5 ft high and includes some of my favourite birds.