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Both my children started piano lessons with Gila a few months ago.  I cannot believe how much progress they have made in such a short space of time.  Their confidence has grown so much thanks to Gila.  She has truly inspired my children.  They look forward to their weekly lessons and cannot wait to show me what they have learnt.  Gila really is a great teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of starting piano lessons.

Clare Hughes

“The lessons are fun and exciting and we play lots of games."         Hattie age 8

“If you’re stuck, Gila helps you.”                                                             Georgie age 10

Gila has a calm, warm and sensitive approach and we are very happy to have found her.

Her informal concerts and safe circle are a great opportunity for the children to get used to performing in a safe environment.

Philippa and Adam, Hattie and Georgie's parents, Harrogate

I had years of piano lessons as a child before starting years later with Gila as an adult - and that’s where I finally discovered joy in playing. She found music that I loved, we played duets and laughed a lot.  And, after years of performance anxiety, I enjoyed playing and listening within a small group of her adult students that she gathered together - and I even managed to play in the larger annual concerts she produced which were all amazing experiences. The thing about Gila is that everything feels personal and special because she really cares that you get whatever you need from her lessons. I am so grateful she gave music back to me - thank you Gila! 

Isobel Staniland

Gila has taught all three of my girls to play the piano and they love her!  She is an absolutely wonderful teacher - intuitive, great fun and, above all, her enthusiasm and passion for music are totally infectious.  She even encouraged me to start learning piano - in my mid forties - and it’s been the most brilliant, life-affirming adventure.

Sally Gordon-Finlayson

I was drawn to playing the piano as a young child and again as a mother of young children, playing to gain exam successes.  I was drawn for this third time in my seventies when my husband died recently. On my own, I was looking for some solace, something to occupy the huge space a bereavement creates.  A chance conversation with the vicar who conducted my husband’s funeral led me to Gila.  Three years further on, she has helped me enormously to rekindle my love of playing the piano.  I had no idea where to start again but Gila instinctively knew what I needed and suggested I try new pieces without the stress of exams.  So now I am enjoying all kinds of music from Enya and Nyman to Bach and Beethoven. She has encouraged me to play with others in an informal setting – something I would never have had the confidence to do previously.  Playing the piano for me is a form of meditation removing everyday conflicting thoughts and giving immense pleasure. So if ever you have said “I wish I could play the piano” or “I wish I hadn’t given up the piano” it’s never too late to begin or begin again. I love playing more in my seventies than ever before, thanks to Gila.

Diane (Easingwold)

I had been painstakingly plodding away learning to play the keyboard when I started lessons with Gila. Her warmth, generosity and love of music was entirely infectious and I very quickly found myself loving the sounds she enabled me to make from the piano. From a technical viewpoint, her teaching methods are personalised and effective; she manages to make each student feel safe and excited to progress (I know from friends who were lucky enough to learn from her too!)  More importantly though, she engenders a love of music that has stayed with me long after our lessons ended. I’ve never had a music teacher like her since, and I doubt I ever will. For the skills that she taught me and the love of music that she brought out, I’ll never stop thanking Gila.

Maddie (Lancaster)

My daughter has been taught to play the flute by Gila for a number of years now having previously been taught through school and we have found her to be a wonderful teacher. Ella really enjoys her lessons and she makes them fun by playing varied musical styles. Ella's confidence has really grown since Gila started teaching her helped by her constant encouragement and support.  The 'Safe Circle' that she organises and the lovely annual Christmas concert preformed by all her pupils is also a great way to gain confidence by performing in front of others. I would highly recommend Gila as a teacher. 

Nicola (Harrogate)